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Wood Stork/Cigüeña Americana

Huge, long-legged, black-and-white waterbird, about the size of Great Blue Heron. White body with black flight feathers. Adults have a wrinkly bald head and fairly dark bill; juveniles have paler bill and more messy feathering on head and neck. Bill is thicker and more curved than herons. Forages mainly for fish by moving open bill through water until it feels prey. Found in wetlands, particularly flooded swamps and shallow ponds. Often soars, sometimes with vultures. In Middle and South America, compare with Jabiru, which is even larger than Wood Stork and has entirely white wings. *** La cigüeña Americana es una gran ave zancuda en el continente Americano de la familia Ciconiidae (cigüeñas), el único miembro de la familia que se reproduce en América del Norte. Anteriormente se llamaba "ibis de madera", aunque no es un ibis. Se encuentra en hábitats subtropicales y tropicales en las Américas, incluido el Caribe. En América del Sur es residente, pero en América del Norte puede dispersarse hasta Florida. Una bella y elegante visitante en la Reserva Biológica Cerro Hermoso. @reservecerrohermoso

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